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How common/easy to get are these things?

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  1. bedbug_OCD

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Oct 5 2012 0:54:47

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    So after having a K9 inspection done on my house and my mothers house and both coming back negative, Im feeling better. Tomorrow my grandmother is going with the same company we have went with and getting a K9 inspection as well. FINGERS CROSSED. Well if her house comes back negative too, we decided we will each purchase the bb alert passive.

    It really shocks me that after my mothers encounter with a HUGE bb infestation that she did not have them in her house or being them to mine. I feel blessed but still on my toes. If my grandmother gets a negative from the inspection, she wants to give me her old coach.

    My thing is, how reliable is a k9? And they do not provide a visual inspection UNLESS the dog alerts.

    I thought these bugs hitchhike like crazy. Why didnt we get them? My husband and I had a sort of debate, do bed bugs get into people's belongings with intention to travel? Or do they just go into the fastest hiding place? Dont they want to return to thier normal hiding place? Does it depend on how much there getting fed whether or not they travel? I was told that bed bugs don't travel as long as there food source is presented regularly, is this true?

    Just worries me how calm this company is about it all (although very professional) why do they seem to think these things arnt THAT likely to get.. when it seems that everywhere I turn someone's running into them. Am I just over thinking the horror stories.

    crazy bed bug OCD

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Oct 5 2012 1:10:33

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    If they do a visual inspection to confirm any dog alerts, that sounds good. Without the visual proof being discovered, the dog's alert does not prove you have bed bugs.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. 2r4m

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Oct 5 2012 8:32:19

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    Bugocd. My mom had a bad case of bb 5 years ago. Me and my other family members(4 different households) did not know what bb's were. We never brought them back to our homes. We would sleep over, we were their every friday, and my mom came to us quit often.

    I dont know about my other family, but I would always make my kids and I undress in our garage and wash those clothes immediately. I think that helped. But now that I am dealing with bed bugs and know a lot more I know thats not always enough. I dont know how we got so lucky.

    I even stayed their for a month after I had my 3rd child. At that point they were at the clear stage of bb's. But when I got home we started gettng bit. It ended up I had fleas. But their were bb casing found in my lugguage that was in a closet in my moms house. Like I said we were lucky.

    I still advise ppl be very carefull. I believe my family and I were lucky and plus my mom did everything she needed to do to get rid of them, with a help of a pco. But I will never be that naive again

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