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How common is it to find bed bug feces on the sheets when infested?

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Wed Jun 6 2018 23:18:54

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    It's been two months since I moved away from bed bugs. I have white bedbug covers on my mattress and my box spring. I also have white sheets and blankets. If I still had bed bugs, would I definitely be seeing some kind if fecal staining or blood on my sheets by now? I read somewhere that bed bugs defecate very soon after a meal, but I don't know how true that is.

    Within the first month of my move, I started getting bitten by insects, but it turned out my building had a flea infestation. The building's since fumigated the laundry room and all the common spaces. I'm still getting bites. They don't look anything like flea bites I've had before, but they also don't look like the bed bug bites I've had before.

    I know logically, any bites I have now must be fleas after all the precautions I took against bed bugs while moving and the Cimexa I put down, but I still can't shake the paranoia.

    My sheets are clean. My covers are clean. Nothing's in my ClimbUps. The k9 confirmed I didn't have them. I hate how having bed bugs once can ruin my perception.

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