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How best to treat fleas AND BedBugs?

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  1. Postpartum and Panicking

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Sun May 26 2019 20:57:47

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    Hi all! I wanted some advice on how best to treat both fleas and bedbugs without making the situation any worse. Unfortunately the PCO who treated us for bed bugs does not treat for fleas so was not able to help us out at all. We found a BB specimen a few weeks ago and have gotten two treatments of Cimexa and pesticide spray around the baseboards. He has assured us that our BB issue is "100%" resolved although I remain skeptical.

    I have continued to receive bites. Finally a few nights ago I saw a flea jump off our dog onto our pillow and we were able to get a positive ID for fleas from a different PCO. They recommended a pesticide bomb for the house. My question is should we go ahead and do the bomb now or would that affect any remaining bed bugs? I am really not into using all of these pesticides but can't seem to find a company that has alternative options (ugh). We are in the Chicago area if any has any ideas. Thanks in advance!!

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon May 27 2019 3:18:50

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    For fleas there is a green protocol available if you search my posts of home site.

    Don’t use foggers or aerosols if you suspect bedbugs are ongoing and consider using monitors to confirm the situation.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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    Mon May 27 2019 6:27:40

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    Bed bugs are hemimetabolous insects while fleas are holometabolous. This means bed bugs have immature stages called nymphs and these resemble the adult. Fleas have immature stages called larvae, there is a pupal stage, and there is an adult. The larvae and adult have different mouth parts even though they are both blood feeding insects. The adult takes blood from the host; the larva feeds on defecated blood left by the adult. Larva has chewing mouth parts. The pupa is a developmental stage in which the larval tissues change over to the developing adult stage. There is also a cocoon the larva produces around itself prior to pupation. You need to use a product for the larvae and a product for the adult and both are often in one commercial product.

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