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How bad infestion I have? Why treatment not work

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  1. Bibuabok

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sat Nov 3 2018 9:14:47

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    2 months ago I moved into one apartment and found out it was infested , wake up with bite whole body ,
    Found adult one and found out the couch was Full of poop stain, did chemical treat by PCO 2 times and self treat by chemical (pyrethrin) 8 times in month , still found the alive adult one crawling happily on my bed
    I moved out after live there 1 month because owner refuse to throw away couch
    I bought bedbug with me to my new place even i luandry clothes with 90 degree and chemical spray everything (by PCO)
    The adult bedbug lays egg on new sofabed, i steam those egg and treat with dust and treat whole apartment with Malathion and pyrethrin dust but the adult one is not die and keep laying new set of egg (i found new place where she lies egg and poopstain and cast skin but still couldnt found her)
    It been a month since i move in to this new place now
    I have no idea where the adult one is hiding
    Why the treatment never work?
    How bad situation i am facing now?
    Should i try professional PCO again ?
    I live in russia and have very very less choice and not so good PCO (they will tell they have guarantee but they dont)

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