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How bad do you think the infestation is? and advice??

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  1. quinnemily

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Thu Jul 21 2016 3:31:07

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    Hi there,

    My family member recently found out he had bed bugs, he didn't notice until the problem had become significant due to the fact he didn't have a reaction to the bites. So, one day he saw a bug climbing up the walls and sure enough there were bed bugs, being alarmed he through out his mattress immediately, and put his headboard in the garage. I am only staying with him for a short amount of time, and wanted to help if I could. We went into the garage where he had kept the headboard and saw A LOT of hatch lings and adult bed bugs. I can't believe he didn't notice! Anyways, he bleached the entire area surrounding the headboard and we promptly got rid of it. A couple of days ago, we set off a bomb in the infested room (BAD MISTAKE). Ever since then, we have seen them around the area by his bedroom door and in the bathroom (it is directly adjacent to the bedroom, found about five in here in a period of a week). We both have been sleeping in the living room, and so far have only found two. We invested in a steam cleaner and diatomaceous earth. However, the other rooms don't seem to be effected and in fact the couch in the living room is completely free of bugs, we did a thorough investigation. We also checked the closet and dressers in his room and found nothing. Also, my family member sleeps during the night and doesn't seem to be effected at all, but I get small bumps; I decided to go to sleep after he goes to work around five in the morning. I haven't got any bites doing this, does this mean they won't feed if they're full from another host? Also, how bad do you think the infestation really is? Should we treat the whole house? The garage?

    Thanks so much and I apologize for the length of the post, my family doesn't seem to mind living with the things, they think they're harmless! What could happen if left untreated? (I wont let that happen!)

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