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Hotel confirmation - now what?

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  1. willbevictorious

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Jan 3 2011 15:29:04

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    Been on this website way too much in the last four days, but here's my story for you experts out there...any suggestions will help! Thanks in advance!

    We stayed one night in a hotel last Thursday night. My two sons shared one bed while my husband, daughter, and I shared another bed. Friday morning, one son had about 13-14 bite marks tracking up his arm. I was on high alert and was on my smartphone researching bed bugs all the way home. When we got home, we all stripped and put all current clothes in dryer, then washed, then dried. Showers and new clothes for everyone. But I didn't bag the newly washed clothes up - just put them away as usual (yikes!?!). Threw out the two sleeping bags used on that bed and my husband vacuumed out the car. I inspected every non-clothing item - ipods, toilettries, etc. and then brought into the house. (At this point, it was only a suspicion and they all pretty much thought I was overreacting which sounds common on these forums.) By Saturday morning, the same son has over 50 bites on arms, legs, and face. Now I'm almost convinced but hoping and praying it is anything else.

    I called the hotel Saturday and emailed Sunday and got a quick response. Today I get the confirmation from the hotel that they did find evidence of bedbugs in the one bed that my sons shared. Today four days later, no bites on anyone else and no new bites on my son - today was the first day they haven't bothered him as much...I feel so bad for him, though, as he was miserable and I'd much rather it have been me:(

    So, I am ready to be a radical proactive mama to be sure these buggers do not take residence in my home!!! Should I call a PCO? Wait for more evidence? Is there a waiting period before they would see anything new? Have carpets steamed? Right now, I am just on vacuum and laundry I need to bag too? I want to be very preventative but smart and not scatter anything about.

    Thank you thank you for your help!!

  2. toledo

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Jan 4 2011 8:08:04

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    Sometimes the bites take a couple days to show up, so don't worry too much just yet. You didn't mention luggage. I would vacuum anything that can't be washed and dryed, like a duffel bag. Be sure and vacuum both inside and out.

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