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Hot Shot Strips away for 4 weeks

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Dec 8 2016 18:31:39

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    I’m just finished my second set of chemical treatments in the past four months (I was away for much of two months) with a ‘contracted’ service exterminator for the multiple unit high rise apartment building I live in where the apartment two floors down had a infestation. The mgmt. company will not allow ‘sealing’ (caulking of baseboards).
    The exterminator always tells me I can return in 3 hours – so he’s spending 1 hour in my one bedroom apartment. I had my clothing/linens/accessories laundered/heat treated by a bed bug laundry service – and everything is still in sealed bags. I had my furniture, area rugs, books, files, etc, heat treated by a bed bug prep service with the very first treatment, and all of that is still in sealed bags. My bed, sofa, chairs are on climb-ups. Since then, because I’ve still gotten bitten – I’ve disposed of my upholstered bed, and my sofa. The semi-upholstered armchair I work from at my (glass topped, pedestal) dining table is likely to go next. I’m still getting bites, but only on covered areas – my back, shoulders, stomach. I haven't seen any evidence like fecal stains or casings or bugs to help me figure out where they are hiding. My passive monitors are all pristine.
    I’ll be away for almost 4 weeks over the holidays. I’ve read about using the Nuvan/Hotshot large strips in unoccupied dwellings (like attics/sheds). If I seal the air vents, and weather strip the bottom of my door - hang one in the bedroom and one in the main (open/combined) living/dining area – would that be long enough to eradicate them?
    I do realize that I’ll have to open all windows (I have good cross-ventilation) upon my return and stay out of the apartment for 4 hours while it airs out. I’m at my wit’s end. Has anyone used this method successfully?

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