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Hope this will help someone to win the war:)

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  1. leeann1612

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 8 2019 9:01:03

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    Hello Everyone,

    About 5 months ago we also got the dreaded bedbugs. They were everywhere - bedrooms, living room, even found one in the hallway.... We suspect we brought them home from movie theater and they multiplied quietly, so by the time we discovered them it was huge problem already. This was first time ever and initial shock was desperate.
    I reached out to pest control and was quoted cosmic amount of money to come and deal with them, at that moment I decided no way - We will go at this alone, low and behold 2 weeks of hard work but they were gone.
    I purposely waited 4 months to make this post, just to make sure there wasn't any left.
    I am listing here all steps and costs in case someone else will go at them and want to know what was necessary.
    1) we got trash bags and sealable plastic buckets to store all our clothing for coming month. total of 70euros
    2) Steam cleaner - I got one I could afford 200 euros It did its work fine.
    3) diatomaceous earth - 15euros
    4) 96% alcohol 10euros
    I never got mattress encasements because they were not available to buy in Europe.
    In process nothing was thrown out, all furniture we still use till today.

    Here are the listed steps:

    1) EMPTY AND WASH/DRY EVERYTHING- closets, night tables etc. putting it in plastic bags and washing/drying, also curtains... every fabric in the house was bagged, after washing and drying we put everything in plastic buckets.
    2) VACUUM -everything got vacuumed, floors, furniture, even walls
    3) TAKE APART YOUR BED FRAME - very important step - found their hiding spots and some eggs as well, if eggs were found - steamed them and put alcohol on them and then DE.
    4) STEAM CLEAN - we steam cleaned every crease in mattress, ripped back of the headboard open and steamed it too. If eggs were found alcohol was used after the steamer, then DE. Very important to steam everything in sides/corners of the room.
    5) Let dry
    7) Diatomaceous earth - we placed generous amount of DE around perimeter of bed and perimeter of the room and let it stay there for a whole month.
    Take off power sockets and puff DE in there too.

    In this manner we went trough the whole house, we both became very good of finding all small creases in couch, dining chairs, walls etc and detecting eggs.
    To go trough the whole house and every piece of furniture took us evenings after work and free days for whole 2 weeks. And then there was one month of living out of boxes with DE everywhere and waiting/inspecting every other day.
    its been more than 4 months with not a bug or bite in sight.

    It costed us 300 euros, to fully get rid of them and many, many man hours of work.

    The pest control guy wasn't happy we didn't hire him, however, we did invite him to check our house a month later to see if he found any tracks of them, and he had to admit, we had done great. In a moment of honesty he did admit that most of these bugs have already tolerance against the chemical stuff, and they are such a good hiders that sometimes even with 3 times spraying pest control doesn't work. He laughed and said that he doesn't know many people that would want to put in as much work as us so he will still have plenty business:)

    I wish anyone with bugs to be bug free soon. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 8 2019 9:26:04

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    That's what it really comes down to, putting in the work. Aside from what sounds like an over-application of DE, which admittedly could just be semantics, all of the steps you took were logical and methodical.

    Thank you for posting, it's great to hear a success story and reassuring that it can be done without the need to hire outside help.

  3. SalsaVince

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 8 2019 10:31:29

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    Congratulations Leeann! You really busted their bed bug butts! Your experience really does highlight the effort that's involved to beat them. Again, another case where part of the key to eliminating them quickly was actually taking apart the bed frame. I've heard that so many times now, I would definitely recommend that to anyone who discovers bed bugs as one of the first steps and even better that you had a steamer on hand to zap them when you did find a harborage. Frying them all first makes it a little less gross to clean them off in my opinion. Ditto on BigDummy's comment on the DE application though. Nice job and thanks for sharing!

    "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."
    Not an expert. Just a survivor who's still learning.
  4. leeann1612

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 8 2019 10:56:21

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    Thank you both!!! I do agree that I was going bazoom with the DE. I guess we felt desperate, however, now the house is clean of every possible bug.

    In a weird way I am very thankful to bed bugs now - this process made us evaluate and commit to clutter free lifestyle, we ended up donating so much stuff from clothing to kitchen appliances and only leaving the essential stuff. Now we only buy what we need and as a result lots more money left over at the end of month. Great experience at the end of the day!

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