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    Thu Oct 22 2015 17:04:58

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    We found our bed bug infestation in early August. We live in an apartment, and part of our lease was a bed bug addendum which stated that we had to pay for the pest control company the management company chooses in case of bed bugs.
    They chose Home Paramount.
    The first 2 treatments were fine, we found dead ones but still seeing alot of alive ones. The third treatment, they sent a different technician who did not have any idea what he was doing. He couldn't answer any questions we had because he "wasn't the bed bug guy". He was in our apartment all of 20 minutes. We complained to the manager and had a new tech come out and re-treat right away. We still saws bugs. They would come in and say they didn't see and signs of them. I had to request the surrounding apartments be searched. They say they found no signs in the other apartments. We kept asking questions through our management company with no answers except that "bed bugs hide and are hard to treat". After finding two nymphs and eggs the day after our 7th treatment we had had enough and requested to speak with the Home Paramount branch manager. He was supposed to meet with us and never showed up, didn't even call to say they would be late. We then asked someone call us. No one ever did. At this point we asked for a refund since they have a warranty and guarantee on their website, and we still have bed bugs and they wouldn't communicate with us or meet with us to give us any answers. We had to have another company come out and treat, who SURPRISE, found evidence and saw eggs.

    Home Paramount refuses to give us our money back. They said they found no evidence and treated on our request only, and they don't even know if we had bed bugs after the initial treatment. They said we were more than likely mis-identifying the bugs. Even though, we have samples of the bugs we found but they never bothered to call us back or meet with us for us to show them.

    Their customer service is atrocious. Their warranty and guarantee are a joke. They did nothing to even try to work with us. Their response from the regional manager was that they had treated so many times it voided the guarantee (seems a little backwards, doesn't it?) and because we had another company come in the would not come back to treat anymore.

    Turns out they were using a fogger in our apartment to treat. No wonder the bugs would "hide" and then come out later. They cost us not only money but a lot of time. Had we have been able to use another company or even had better communication with this one, we would probably have been in the clear long before this! But here we are, out more money for a new company to come in and treat and dealing with this for much longer than anyone who's paying for professional services should have to.

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