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Hi Guys, Quick Questions

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  1. SRBias

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Dec 21 2018 1:35:54

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    Before I begin I must say I am glad this site exists, and I am happy I can come here and discuss my problem with people who've had or are having the same issue I am.

    My daughter (10) and I have sensitive skin and around this time of year we get really itchy. I actually break out because of the weather change. So when she and I started itching it was no big deal. I started noticing what in my case resembled flea bites. I thought man the dog got fleas in here. They got worse, and worse. My daughter was eaten up, and one morning when she got up for school she had bites on her face.

    I assumed the worst. Bed Bugs. I walked in her room and took her box spring and mattress part. To find a small corner had eggs, and some matter. Not a great deal. Her bed sits against a wall, with a window near it, when I looked in the window they were all over the curtain. Instantly I threw the curtain out. Went to Home Depot, and bought Hot Shot DE, and Ecologic spray. I sleep on our couch, my daughter sleeps in her room, and my wife in our bedroom.

    My wife has zero bites. None. I laid down the DE, used way too much I might add, hell I had no idea what I was doing, which scares me to let my daughter around it. And I have sprayed DAILY. For three days now, using the Ecologic. I have not been bitten on the couch, which I did see one on Tuesday, I am writing this on Friday. My daughter has no new bites. HOWEVER, I am seeing one or two not full grown on the wall camped out every now and then. I check almost every three hours in her room.

    Am I making progress? Is there a chance to irradiate these things? To help explain along the situation, we can not under no circumstance afford a professional exterminator. It is way out of our budget. My wife is an OCD clean freak, and is having fits everyday over this. I am on edge because she is. Here are the steps we have taken. Her stuffed toys, are in a sealed bad and will not be coming back for a long time. I purchased and had handed to me SEVERAL cans of Hot Shot fogger, which I stupidly used one before coming here and realizing I should not have. Ecologic spray, and hot shot DE, I was able to afford two mattress covers one for my wife, and my daughters mattress. I couldn't afford the ones for the boxsprings (Which the ones I am buying are 40 dollars a piece from Walmart? Are those ok? I have dusted de, soaked mattress and couch in Ecologic. Wife has washed and dried EVERY piece of clothing and bedding.

    Like I said I will see one maybe two at a time, once a day since Tuesday on my daughters wall. Smaller, not larger ones. Am I slowly taking these things down? If I keep going and going day after day can these things be beaten without a pro?

    Just to be sure here is a picture of one of the ones on the wall from earlier. Sorry I know it's not the best shot.

    Thank you guys so much,

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Dec 21 2018 6:02:33

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    Hi Steve,

    The image is clear enough to confirm cimex and if you found eggs ont he bed then its bed bugs.

    The best advice I can give anyone going alone on treatment is to read and understand and plan before you start. The first steps are essential and to make the best decisions you need to invest the tyime in learning. It is not an issue where money solves it faster unless you throw enough to bring the expertese in.

    If you read the FAQ's on DE and see the link below it will help:

    It may not be needed to wsh and bag everything which is an onerous task at any time let alone at this time of year.

    Mosty of all stay positive and ask before you do as its always easier than undoing it later.

    Hoep taht helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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