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Help with moving

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  1. phil500

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Jul 4 2012 7:36:23

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    So I rent a room and the house owner has no idea what he is in for. The top floor got infested (3 bedrooms) and he lives in the basement.

    The first and only thing he did was buy bug bombs, and ignored an email i sent calling for a house meeting. He put the infested sheets from the original bed -which had been put outside by the guy who used it- in the shed where i have things stored.

    So I am putting all my non essential things in storage and taking only my clothes and laptop and a few other essentials. I am buying a new bed (its time anyways).

    Some questions:

    1) can i disinfect something by putting it in the freezer for a day?

    2) what should I do about my car? It has carried some possibly infested things. I will be using it for the move. Should i vaccum and spray some pesticides?

    3) what are my odds of bringing them to the new house? These thoughts are controlling my mind and I really am freaking out. If I magically knew this wouldn't happen 90% of my stress would be gone

  2. AshamedandScratching

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Jul 4 2012 8:32:23

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    1. I believe that the freezer been shown to not work in the way you want to do it.

    2. Use the tags on each question to search the site. Bugs are unlikely in the car unless you spend a great deal of time there. BBs want to be close to you as a feeding source. A good detailing should be fine.

    3. Are you Treating the items you take? Are you inspecting? Is your room infected? There's no way for us to know because we're not there. The chances that you will transfer bugs are high if you don't make sure items are bug free thoroughly before you move.

    I moved successfully. It's totally possible. In your situation, I would vikane my things and move as fast as possible. It's not cheap but it is effective. If you cant, than toss a lot and treat the things take. Remember if you store things you will still need to treat them down the road. BBs can go dormat and reanimate when you pull them out of the bag. If you click the moving tag, I posted my story yesterday to soitchy.

    Please read the FAQs. Search the threads and you'll find more info to help.

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