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HELP! We're clueless.

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  1. infestedhelp

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri Mar 27 2009 20:39:59

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    To make a long story short - We were told that there had been a bedbug infestation in our apartment the DAY we were moving in, six months ago. We didn't see any other option but to go ahead with our plans and pray that the landlord was correct when he said the fumigator got rid of the problem.
    About a month ago, my boyfriend started getting mysterious bites. Some in clusters, some small and pimple like, some large and very itchy. We didn't give it much thought since I sleep right next to him and I was not exhibiting any symptoms. (Come to find out now, some people are just not allergic to the bites...)
    Anyway, the other night, we were sitting on the bed, and i saw a bug crawling on the sheets. My boyfriend captured it in a tupperware container, we looked up pictures online, and yep, it was a perfect match. I didn't sleep at all that night - I felt so disgusted and I've been having panic attacks since. I'm constantly itchy - I feel so uncomfortable in my own home and can't imagine ever feeling comfortable here again.
    Hence why we are now looking for a new apartment ASAP. A fumigator is coming tomorrow morning to assess the situation, but we don't see the point in leaving and then returning when there will still be a good chance that the bedbugs will come back. It seems to me that they are in the infrastructure of the building and I cannot - WILL NOT, become a prisoner to these bugs.
    I have been reading so much information in the last 48 hours that I'm becoming overwhelmed.
    Please help if you can with my questions. (i'm sorry if some of them are stupid...)

    1. WHAT ARE the first steps we need to take to ensure we won't carry the bedbugs with us? Bagging our clothes - washing them, drying on high heat for 2 hours and then putting back in trashbags? Please be as descriptive as you can in terms of what we should be doing.
    2. Can bedbugs hide in laptop computers???
    3. What do we do about electronics? I've read several different methods. By electronics I mean televisions, lamps, DVD cases, computers, etc.
    4. My boyfriend has guitars and guitar bags - what can be done about those items?
    5. Can bedbugs hide in books and be carried to another location? If so - what can you do to ensure they don't?
    6. Can bedbugs hide in picture frames? If so, how can they be removed?
    7. (long shot, but) My boyfriend has a bunch of darkroom equipment like an enlarger, etc. Is it possible for that to be infested????

    Im sorry for all the questions, but we are both in such a daze. Having to move again after just six months - especially under such conditions - is making us both crazy!

  2. BostonPCT

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Mar 28 2009 18:03:09

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    Bed bugs can and will get in all the items you asked about. There are several types of treatments for different types of materials from heat to fumigation etc. A bb dog may be able to locate the exact infested items, that is where I would start. Where do you live. Don't panic, that is the best recommendation I can give you. Lots of people to help you even on this site alone.

  3. bitten123

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Mar 28 2009 19:58:44

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    I know your first instinct is to up and run, but I would not do that just yet. It sounds like you have quite a bit of stuff, so having a dog through to find out what/where you are infested would be a good idea. Then do your research and get a pest control person who really knows how to deal with the bugs. Good thing you kept the bug, do not get rid of it. I would recommend talking to a very knowledgable pest control person . If you are really going to up and run, you could talk to companies that do thermal heat or Vikane gas treatment (2 very different types of treatments) and having all your stuff put in a moving van and having the moving van Vikaned or Thermal Heat Treated and then moving, thus hoping you kill everything and move into new bed bug free apt.
    I'm really REALLY sorry you are here, totally unfair that the landlord told you on the day you were moving in. You can and will conquer this , but it is a major hassle. Lots of moral support here.

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