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Help! Used Terminix in Philly, Still More Bugs

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  1. iamnotwinning

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Jan 1 2013 22:08:29

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    Hi All,

    I am in the process of receiving Terminex Bed Bug Treatments in Philadelphia. They seemed by far the most informed which seemed more important than the lack of cridibilty of the freezing technique. I wanted people who could at least convince me that they were thinking and strategizing how to solve the problem. They have been out 6 times in the last three months and are coming again this week. There are chemicals everywhere. On average we find about 4 dead bugs a week and maybe 2 live ones. I've been taping them and keeping quite a collection. As my warranty thing is about to run up I am wondering when I should STOP seeing live bugs.? What more can I do? I dry clothes like a mad man, Other PCOs ( i had money to support them) come off as unprepared,( when they choose to return phone calls and follow through with appointments).

    When I see live bugs it is during the day and most are moving slow, the presence of the bugs has increased dramatically after the first treatment, all of which are good signs right? As far as I can tell I am not getting bitten but I feel like my bed( now with fancy covers and foot traps) is the only safe place in my house.

    Some back story on my issue:
    I have had a problem in Philadelphia for about a year now. Initially my gf noticed a bug, we bought $100 worth of Earth and Home Depot Grade chemicals, splashed and powdered all rooms, dried all the clothes etc. I did not notice bugs for months and then they started popping up here and there. We tossed lots of furniture and called terminex after interviewing smaller pcos that simply did not know much about bed bugs. There are two main bed rooms in a philly rowhouse both of which have been heavily sprayed and powdered with Terminix's battery of stuff. We have found maybe 30 dead bugs and 20 live ones since beginning treatment. I don't want to lose the momentum but do not know how to evaluate my current situation. The only thing that i can imagine that I have not done is pull up the rug. Would that make a difference? Sigh. Any two cents is much appreciated and of coarse feel free to pick my brain about about any terminix questions or anything else.

    Thanks for being here and take care.

  2. P Bello

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Jan 1 2013 23:04:20

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    Dear iam,

    OK, after reading your post I get that you paid for BB services, have had six services and still see live bugs which raises the question: W T F ? ! ? !

    Competent bed bug professionals can deliver zero bugs after one service so, there's got to be things going worng somehow in your situation.

    And, of course, we only have the limited information you've provided.

    Regarding your warranty, since you're still seeing live bugs the warranty shouldn't be "running out" since the service results were not yet delivered/provided to you.

    There are many folks who will help you and provide morale support on this site.

    In the meanwhile, it seems that you need some additional bed bug related information to help you out. Please go to the Resource tab and find the "Over 201 Things to Know About Bed Bugs" article as this will help you in a nimber of ways.

    Hope this helps you ! paul b.

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