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Help. Tiny Black Bugs in Room

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  1. davidtnly

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Apr 19 2016 1:14:31

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    So last year around May I started getting itchy with bite marks. I got extremely paranoid thinking they were bed bugs. I thought my room was extremely dirty or something so I cleaned its entirety but to no avail. Finally they disappeared after I bombed my room. So That was the end of the 3 weeks of nightmare.

    Now it is mid-April, almost the same time where the bugs started appearing. It has come again. I have no idea what they are. Help? I am going to bomb my room again and hopefully they will be gone.

    I don't have a decent way of taking pictures of them besides my phone but here's the best I can do. These were the only ones I have found. All of them were of this looking.

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Apr 19 2016 7:48:30

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    A better picture would help but doesn't look bedbug related.

    PCO and inventor of a bio active bedbug trap

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