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Help! No bug sign, still getting bites

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Wed Jun 6 2018 17:14:49

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    I’ll try to keep this brief:
    I found a single adult B.B. in the outer ring of my bed’s climbup interceptor about two months ago, and upon examination found some fecal spotting on the futon in the living room. Two inspections and sprays by a PCO. He says he found no evidence besides what I pointed out. I’ve seen no bugs, cast skins, or fecal since the first spray, but I insisted on the second one for peace of mind.

    However, I am still getting “bites” every night, single ones that tend to be on my neck and face, although recently I got two on areas that were covered while I slept. I do have two animals, but they were both checked for fleas by the vet and are up to date on their flea and tick treatment. Still, they go outside, so it’s not impossible that it’s fleas. The “bite” I got last night was on my arm, and was a tiny blister until I scratched it. I’ve never reacted to flea bites this way.

    I’m making myself a little crazy trying to figure this out. Any ideas? Thanks for your help, this community is a lifesaver.

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