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HELP Moving into somewhere I know has bed bugs HELP

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  1. Sarahhelpme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Jun 30 2017 16:12:33

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    Hello all,

    I signed my lease on a new place, got the keys, and started cleaning before I moved my stuff in. As I was cleaning, I found bed bugs.
    I haven't moved any of my stuff in and I want out.
    The landlord said he would treat the unit again, saying he had known there had been bed bugs there previously, and that this would be the FOURTH TIME THEY'VE TREATED THE APARTMENT.
    I don't want to move my stuff in and ruin it. I'm already itching compulsively and dealing with backlash from my friends.
    I don't want to move my stuff in, but the few people I talked to said I would be responsible for breaking the lease because the landlord is taking action to fix the problem.
    But at this point, I dont think he's treated any of the other units and, in my opinion, that's where they have to be coming from.

    I'll take any advice I can get!
    Thank you

    Also, I live in Ohio and have been trying to research laws or ways to break the lease. Anything helps.

  2. BattleoftheBug

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Jun 30 2017 16:24:11

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    My advice is--don't move in. I am not a lawyer but I do know that every state but Arkansas affords tenants the right to a bug free apartment. If you move in your stuff, you'll no longer be able to prove that you did not bring in the bugs, yourself. Read here:

    No bugs

    If the landlord won't let you out of the lease or give you your deposit back you can sue in small claims and add damages. If it were me, I'd never move in. Bed bugs can destroy your life.

  3. Proudmommyto3rottenboys

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Jul 1 2017 4:49:00

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    DO NOT MOVE IN....Hope you didnt take any with you???BattleOfTheBug is so right.Bed bugs will ruin your life...

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