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(Help!!) Moved a mattress with bed bugs. Chance of getting infection?

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  1. ieve2002

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sun Aug 19 2018 6:37:32

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    Please hear me out and help me!!

    I purchased a used full-size mattress online, and went to pick it up at a place.

    My friend and I carried down the mattress by hand and put it in my SUV.

    As I was pushing the mattress into my SUV, I discovered bed bugs crawling on the surface of the mattress. Immediately, I removed the mattress from the car and discarded it.

    I went to Target straight and purchased the Proof Bed Bug Spray. Then, I applied the entire bottle of the spray onto the surface of the car seats, trunk, etc. After that, my friend and I went home, took a shower, and hot-washed the clothes we were wearing when we were moving the mattress.

    I left the car for one day. On the next day, I went to a car-wash place and thoroughly vacuum cleaned the car. After that, I applied the same bed bug spray for a couple more times.

    Now that I think, the mattress was in my car for about 30 seconds to 1 minute (possibly 1.5 minutes, but less likely longer than that).

    What is the chance of having my car infected with bed bugs from that mattress?

    *When I visually inspected the car, there was no bed bug. And I had no bed bug bite so far (as far as I can tell). But, I am mainly concerned with transfer of eggs since the mattress was squeezed into the car for a short time.

  2. Westside777

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Fri Aug 24 2018 14:34:06

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    I very much appreciate your paranoia: I have felt 100% the same exact way in the same situation, moving infested furniture out of my home. I presume that your description of the events also entailed a complete visual inspection of your vehicle, so I would believe that thy bugs that you saw were the only ones that left the comfort of the place wherein they were hiding. Put some Diatomaceous Earth down anyway if you are worried: it is cheap.

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