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Help me pick bedbug monitor for our situation

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  1. bbmom

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jun 8 2017 8:57:36

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    Hi, I've been posting here for the last 3 weeks and I am thankful for all the help I got!

    It's such a great resource. I've read a few articles regarding the monitors, but I am still not sure which ones are more appropriate for different levels of infestation.

    Our infestation is either non existent or very very low in early stages, and we are about to get a second treatment so we have two goals:

    1) Monitor whether there are any left over bugs after treatment, that would start coming out of woodworks. We had not seen any traces of bugs, their activity or got any bites, treatment is purely due to positive K9 in 3-4 places, so I am hoping for something to really draw them out, they must be hidden very deeply.

    2) Have something to quickly capture new intruders and destroy them, as we are not certain what the source of our infestation is, if we continue having exposure to it.

    We have no pets, if that matters.

    If you are not familiar with my story, here is the background:

    Found 1 live stage 4 bug on the couch > landlord sent the PCO, who found no signs of bug activity anywhere, negative visual > next day K9 inspection hits on 4 pieces of furniture in 2 rooms > 3 pieces removed, only 1 bed left > bagged and heat treated everything we could, had our first treatment, about to get the second > Have to wait for 60 days after 2nd treatment to be cleared by K9 > still no signs of bugs, no bites, no fecal traces, moultings, nothing.

    The truth is, we are really afraid that we will get a positive K9 again after living on bags for 2 months and will be forced out of our apartment. I am having a hard time trusting the dog alerts, given that zero signs were found, so what is to ensure it doesn't happen again?


  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Jun 8 2017 9:28:00

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    There are David's Packtite passive monitors that go on mattresses, under couches, etc., there are climb up interceptor monitors that go under bed and couch legs (more brand names available than just climb up) and there are even a couple of threads you could look up on this site where Lou discusses making homemade monitors to use to check if you have the bugs in your house.

    You'll find discussions of all of them either in the useful tools section of the static content of the site or by googling the threads in the site.

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