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Help me move out bed bug free!

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  1. jellybelly326

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Apr 17 2018 8:33:29

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    Long story short (as I'm sure we all have one) - Three years ago I moved into a condo to rent. Six months in I began getting bites. One night I felt and squished a bug crawling on me. The landlord was cooperative and brought in experts to spray. We lived out of bags for about a month and a half, dried all linens and clothing on the highest setting.. yadda, yadda, yadda. It was good going for a while, and slowly we began seeing more bugs (mostly in the bathroom). They have to be coming from other units in the building. We encased our mattress and box spring in a bed bug cover and it's been like that for all this time. We use DE, spray, and keep the bed bug dish traps under our bed posts.

    Well, just two days ago we found four live bugs within about 16 hours. One in the bathroom, one in the bed and two near the door to my bedroom.

    Last night I woke up with that familiar itch on my hand. Just ten minutes ago, I felt my head and I have a bump. I remember scratching it last night in my sleep.

    We're in the process of closing on a house in the next four weeks to six weeks.

    What can we do to prevent bringing these pests with us? Does anyone have any experience with getting out of their living situation and *not* bringing them with you because of your preventative measures? Any advise is appreciated.

    Our plan right now is to bring all linens and clothes to the laundromat to dry on the highest setting, bag it all up, and transport the clothing directly to the house in different bags than they arrived. The linens we sleep on the night prior to the big move, we'll bag up and cinch tightly. I plan on getting brand new mattress and box spring covers (as well as pillow covers which we haven't had). Our bed frame is metal - no headboard.

    Thanks all. As much as I hate that I have to be in this community forum, I'm happy that it exists.

  2. LittleRin

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Apr 17 2018 21:23:30

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    If you have the money, it might be a good idea to see of local PCO in your area will perform a heat treatment in a moving truck - though the PCO I spoke to regarding this explicitly told me that they could not guarantee success for a truck.

    You could maybe also hire a bed bug sniffing dog if there are those kinds of services in your area and ask if they would be willing to have the dog sniff all of your moving items immediately before they are loaded into your moving truck. That way you could have the extra peace of mind of knowing none of the items you are taking have anything attached.

    Barring that, 91% rubbing alcohol can be a contact killer and might help you, but it will only affect bed bugs directly sprayed and is highly flammable.

    Another user on this forum told me that directly after their move, despite them checking over all of their items very carefully and washing/drying all of their bedding/clothing, they still brought the bed bugs with them. They wound up buying CimeXa and set a border of it around the room and below the bed. They weren't bitten again after that. Perhaps you could buy some and do the same as a preventative measure.

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