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Help me, I'm panicking

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Thu Aug 4 2016 16:25:39

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    Hey guys,

    You may remember me from back in December--we found a single bed bug, had an unverified K9 hit, and spent far too much money and mental health making sure we were BB free.

    My wife just got back from a trip--the hotel they stayed at had had a Hit for BBs in Nov 2015 but nothing else so I assume they've been fine since. She checked all the beds, they were clear, and when she got home all her clothing and bags went in the dryer til they reached 160F +

    She woke up this morning with a few hive like red bumps, that were very itchy. After being up for a bit, they spread til she had around 30 of them. ONLY on her legs and lower body. The doctor said they looked like insect bites or a reaction but nothing like BB bites he had ever seen.

    She checked our passive monitors, the sheets and the mattress (still encased) and found nothing. The bites are only itchy now near her socks and may be filling with fluid or pus.

    I did check her things that couldn't be dried carefully, the only other possible source is a friend who crashed on our couch on Sunday night, but he doesn't have them that we know of--she's been home less than a week, I know bites are never an indicator of anything for sure, but surely 30 bites appearing within a few hours would indicate a significant number of bugs? A number we'd see?

    I'm panicking on my way home scared to go on the house and check myself, scared what if I see and we have to go through this all over again... I had counselling and medication last time and thought I'd be better if I had to face this again but I'm just breaking to pieces... I'm overreacting right? Please tell me I'm overreacting... That's too many bites to have no physical signs and nothing in the monitors?

  2. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Thu Aug 4 2016 17:26:13

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    I've never had 30 bites. With that many I think you'd be able to find evidence if it's bed bugs.

  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sat Aug 6 2016 0:18:47

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    She could have been bitten by bed bugs on a plane or in a hotel room without bringing them home. Bed bug bite reactions are typically delayed but the delay may be hours, days or even a week or more. So they can certainly have been reactions to something that happened in the hotel.

    They could also be from another cause.

    I've been getting the most horrific mosquito bite welts-- much worse than I used to. I wouldn't rule out something like that.

    I think it's very unlikely to be the overnight guest. A bed bug bites only when it is hungry. If you got 30 bites in one night, you'd have a good number of bed bugs present. Maybe not 30, but a lot. Your friend would not have been able to bring so many bed bugs in, I think, unless he brought in a piece of infested furniture or something, and left it.

    You have monitors, you know how to inspect. Keep doing that. Weekly. But don't go nuts. If she did bring something home, the visual evidence should start appearing but you might not find it for a little while. If the skin reactions keep appearing, consider an inspection.

    Try not to panic! There's a very good chance this is a reaction to something that happened on the trip.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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