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Help me and my baby PLEASE (RANT)

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  1. bedbugsforlife

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    Sat Mar 9 2019 18:13:02

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    Can somebody please PLEASE help me get rid of these bed bugs! I have had them on and off for the past three years and now it is to the point where these bugs are affecting my mental health and my ability to be able to freely and safely where my own clothes and shoes. This has been going on far too long. I have thrown away about ten suitcases, backpacks and purses total just to get them again from either not killing all the bugs or just simply staying in an infested hotel. I can't do this anymore I've almost been in tears everytime I feel that itch and a few minutes later I have a rash on my arm. I can't even get myself to get up to try and get rid of them as I get physically nauseated almost like a dry heave when I even think about it. These bugs have been such a financial burden from having to replace suitcases, to having to constantly dry all my clothes on high heat for two hours and sometimes they survive being in a dryer, and to having people steal my stuff do to me leaving things outside out of fear of infesting a place where I'm at. I've literally been wearing the same clothes and shoes for the past two years can you imagine? I look terrible and I am very miserable. I don't have a stable place to live I've been in and out of hotels and shelters and I have gotten an opportunity to change my life around but I just cannot go knowing I have these bugs and they bite my baby as well. I know my lifestyle increases the chances of having these bugs but I know people who have a similar lifestyle or worse that don't have or have ever had these bugs. It appears they are attracted to me than a lot of people. For example I stayed at a friends house and he had bed bugs but didn't tell me and I woke up the next day with over SIXTY bites! He admitted to me that he had bed bugs when I showed him the bites and that they usually bite him but they didn't even not once bite him the whole entire time I was there! I also stayed at a transitional living house and I got bit by bed bugs and I was the only one out of twelve people who got bit! I was accused of bringing them there and I know for a fact I didn't.
    I have also been accused of bringing them to other places because I was the only one complaining! I never brought any of these bugs there why can't people believe people react differently to the bites and that the bugs like certain people more than others. I also got bit by bed bugs when I was on the train. My chest started itching and I looked down and saw about five big welts across my chest it scared me so bad as soon as I got back to my place I took all my clothes off and bagged them. I was so scared to walk inside with my clothes on. I am also tired of spreading the bugs to others hotels and rooms. I feel so bad putting this burden on others but I have tried to get rid of these bugs and I can't be outside in the cold. I feel like at this point I need to throw everything out but I can't afford to. There are some important documents that I need and stuff that I saved from my child's birth and my son needs a car seat and stroller and there is always that chance they all won't die or I will get them again. We will be left with nothing but I don't know where the bugs are at. It appears they are in everything I own including things you can't put in the dryer. They also travel on you contrary to belief. I found one hiding in my bra while I had it on once while I was out TWICE! I was thinking of putting all my belongings in a deep freezer for a few days to freeze them to death but I don't have one and I don't know anyone who does. Does anyone have a REALLY COLD freezer I can use? Can anyone offer suggestions? Professionals are so expensive and they only treat your stuff in a building. I'm currently in the Chicago/Wisconsin area.

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