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Help Identifying Bug (Drugstore Beetle?)

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  1. CKuf

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Aug 26 2012 18:49:26

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    A few weeks ago, I posted to this site a link to some photos of a pest I had recently started noticing in my condo. The photos were not great, but one poster identified them as possibly drugstore beetles.

    I took some better photos which can be found here:

    I have been finding between 5-10 a day, often times near windows, but on all sides of my condo, and sometimes crawling on the ceiling. It seems they can fly too. I have looked in all of my cupboards and can find no source of infestation. I wonder if they aren't coming in through my central AC unit somehow? Otherwise, possibly a neighbour had an infestation? I'm not sure if I have sufficient to justify calling an exterminator.

    I'm hoping someone can either confirm this identification or point me in the right direction.

    Additionally, I have begun finding smaller little bugs mostly around the baseboards of my condo and on or around the cracks in floorboards. There doesn't seem to be any method to the madness of where they are found. I am wondering if they are larvae versions of whatever larger bug I have above. The smaller ones, which curl up into little balls if harassed, are about the same size as the larger ones at their largest (roughly 2-3 mm max) but I have found really really tiny ones as well, maybe the size of a large grain of salt--you wouldn't notice them unless you were on your hands and knees looking for them. Here are some photos of the other little guys, kind of like roly-polys if you ask me, but much smaller...

    Any help would be much appreciated. I'm not really sure what my next steps are. I have cleaned the walls and floors, I have used several cans of raids along my floorboards, and nothing seems to be keeping the little guys out!

  2. P Bello

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Aug 26 2012 21:02:23

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    That's a beetle. pb

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