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Help ID culprit - sudden dozens of bites on 2 kids in household

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun May 15 2016 0:31:14

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    Would love some help in investigating a possible bed bug issue. I've read hundreds of forum postings today trying to get to the bottom of what is biting my kids.

    Eight days ago, my 2 year old son suddenly had 20+ bites all over his legs one afternoon. There were a few three-bites-in-a-line pattern, but with that many, it could have been coincidental. Bites were only on his legs. They started at his ankles and went up, getting angrier at the top of his thighs and around the bottom of where his diaper line is. I washed and hot dried his bedding, inspected every nook and cranny of the mattress and around the crib and bed area and found no signs of bed bugs at all. No fecal stains on (mostly) white patterned sheets either. No further bites since on him.

    This morning, 7 year old daughter told me something was itching her and we pulled down her PJ pants to find dozens of bites in pretty much the same pattern as my son all over her legs and legs only. Bites started a little above her angles and went up the sides of both her legs, with huge clusters of bites on both her lower hip areas. We counted 46 bites in total by end of day today. She sleeps in a different room from my son and I'd say their beds are easily 15-20 feet apart even taking the most direct line through the walls between them. I similarly inspected her bed, mattress, headboard, and bed frame with a fine tooth comb and found nothing.

    Does this sound like bed bugs or is this simply too many bites too soon? Would they even move from host to host like this? No one in the family has ever been bitten before. It would seem that such a sudden and active infestation would be unlikely to be bed bugs without some trace. I saw a bug on my daughter's neck this morning that I could swear was a flea and that was my next thought, even though we don't have pets. Would fleas bite this much in a single sitting? Do fleas even make sense given that we went 8 days between the first family member getting bitten and someone else falling prey? I would think fleas would be more continuous if we had a true infestation resulting in so many bites.

    One other twist -- I traveled the week prior to my son's bites, staying in 4 different hotels on my trip. I found 3 bites (in a row on my ankle) the day I was flying home. Fearing bed bugs, I unpacked my suitcase in the garage, hot washed & dried everything and inspected anything that couldn't washed for bugs just in case. Nada. Still fearful I brought something in. But given how extensive my examination was, it seems unlikely. And even if I did, it hardly seems likely that I brought enough in to cause 20+ bites on one child and 46 on the other.

    Thanks for your help! I hate that my kids are suffering and want to get to the bottom of this quickly. I live in an area with several well-respected K9 units and wondering if it is worth my money to bring them in first to rule out bed bugs or go with a traditional pest control to investigate for fleas.

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