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Help - I don't know what's biting me!

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  1. BittenCrazy

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Oct 11 2012 6:37:54

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    Okay I'm going to bullet point these fun facts so it's not a mission to read... any advice would be amazing, as the name suggests I'm going slightly crazy from being bitten.

    1. Started getting a few bites on my feet and legs - not sure where they were coming from. They looked like mosquito bites so sprayed my apartment and left it for a day before airing it out entirely - I live in a high city centre place so bugs are a very rare sight.

    2. I'm also an art student and there is some particularly nasty carpet that someone dragged into our space that I've been suspicious of. A week ago I sat on the carpet with my legs folded in front of me - the leg that was touching the carpet had about 20 bites on it the next day.

    3. Figuring it was probably the dirty carpet, I have not touched it since or been near it... but have still been finding bites increasingly (particularly - in areas under my clothes like along my hips and up my back).

    4. Every day I come home I wash everything I was wearing and have a hot shower, and don't get bitten throughout the night - although my skin feels like it's crawling. I've checked my bed meticulously and can't find any evidence of bed bugs, and have heard that bugs can live in your clothes so have checked them too but can't find anything!

    5. I also share my uni space with five others who have been sitting on the carpet for the last two weeks and have had no more than one bite once. Pretty sure they thought I was going mad until I showed them the bites.

    What is it that's biting me and how do I stop it?! I bought insect repellent today, is it worth trying that?

    6. Also, on a medical side - one of the bites has turned into a blister. I drained it and covered it in antiseptic cream but it has reformed... is that bad? Another bite formed a 'pimple-like' thing near it (on the knee) which has become swollen and difficult to walk... I have drained everything I could from it and put antibiotic ointment on it, but it's not getting any better and the skin around it feels bruised (up to my mid thigh and around the kneecap). Any suggestions on what it is also? The 'pimple' wasn't on the bite... just near it, so I'm pretty sure it's not an ingrown hair or infected bite.

    Thanks for any help! I need to get on top of this!

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