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Help! Don't know what's biting me!

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  1. tiptoejoker

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Mon May 27 2019 12:14:12

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    So here's the saga.

    It started probably around 2-3 weeks ago. I started noticing bites which I contributed to mosquito bites. It's getting hot here in Texas and the mosquitoes love me. However, I kept getting more and more bites and not seeing a single mosquito (and after years of training, I'm pretty good and seeing and killing mosquitoes). Most of my bites were in close proximity and around my ankles, hip, or neck.

    I started to wonder if it was bites from something else and my mind jumped to bed bugs or fleas. Every day, I get a cluster of new bites in the morning. For instance, yesterday it was 6 on my left lower leg and foot, 1 on my abdomen, and 2 on my neck. This morning, it was 5 on my right butt and 2 on my right hip (back). What's strange is I wore elastic sweat pants to sleep that have elastic ankles too. It's pretty tight around my waist, so the bed bugs would have had to climb up the ankle and crawl all the way up to bite my butt. Or it is a delayed reaction.

    Before I started to log the bites, previous clusters were 5 on my right foot, 3 on my right ankle, 4 on my left ankle, 2 on my inner right thigh, 4 on my right hip (back), 2 on my right arm, 1 on my left and like 6 on my neck.

    I can't tell if it's fleas or bed bugs, so I'll list the evidence for both.

    Fleas: I have a dog. She is on monthly Trifexis preventative but this past weekend, I found a lot of fleas on her. Gave her a medicated bath and so many fleas fell off. I saw some fleas in the house and put out the electric flea traps. The flea traps got 4-5 the first day, and 3 the second day. I manually killed maybe 5 or so and haven't seen any since. The ankle and feet distribution would lead me to think fleas but I've been bitten elsewhere too. It doesn't seem like the infestation is too bad to warrant bites anywhere else.

    Bed bugs: No evidence of any blood, shells, remains, fecal matter, etc. on the bed or bed frame. The bites themselves are all in a line or zig zagged which leads me to think bed bug distribution. Also, I usually start itching the morning after I wake up and find bites that weren't there the night before. That's why I think it's bed bugs, but the bites I got last night on my butt were weird cause I was wearing pants with a tight waist to sleep. From everything I read, bed bugs can't bite through clothes but can go under clothes. (But please correct me if I'm wrong). The interceptors we put out last night didn't show any bed bugs.

    What we have done: We washed all of our dogs bed, blankets, toys, etc in the washer in high heat and dried it at high heat. The dog herself is staying at another house until our house is taken care of. We washed all bedding, clothes, etc. on high and dried on high for 1 hour, multiple times. We washed all rugs, towels, anything we can think of really. We vacuum everyday. We steamed all of the mattresses, couches, chairs, etc. We placed interceptors on the legs of the bed with some DE in the middle. We moved all furniture away from each other and away from the wall. We throw all of the clothes we are wearing after cleaning into the dryer and dry at high heat for at least an hour.

    What's next: We have a professional coming tomorrow to check it out. He told me that he can't treat for bed bugs and fleas at the same time but will use his judgement to see which one he should treat for first. The mattress encasement came today and I will put it on tonight.

    Question: What do you think is biting me? It's driving me absolutely crazy. Is there anything else I can do? What does this sound like? Is there anything I should ask the professional tomorrow? Can the bites from today be a delayed reaction?

    Thanks so much for your help. I'm also 32 weeks pregnant which is not helping with the stress. I just want this over with before the baby comes.

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