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Help! Don't know if bed bugs or fleas?

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  1. Katkez

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Oct 26 2013 22:10:52

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    Recently I have been staying at my boyfriends a lot more and I noticed he's been getting lots of little bites one his arms and torso I haven't said anything to him about it yet anyway this morning I woke up with heaps of little bites all over me and when I got out of bed a saw this tiny longish browny colored bug so I tried to squash it with my fingers but it jumped real high and disappeared it did not look like a normal bed bug that I've seen and I've never had a bed bug jump so I was wondering of anyone knows what it could be? After I tried searching for the little bug I noticed one black smudge mark like bed big poop but this bug I saw definitely looked more like a flea so I'm pretty confused I looked around the rest of the bed and have found nothing. If anyone knows what it could be and how to treat it please let me know!! ps I have not told Elliot about what I've found just because we haven't been together very long and I don't want to embarrass him even though his apartment is super clean.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Oct 26 2013 22:30:07

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    Bed bugs don't jump.

    Try the flea detection trap idea here.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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