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Help! Do I have bed bugs?

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  1. Needbuggyanswers

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Jun 27 2014 16:58:04

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    Two evenings ago, as I was getting into bed, I saw one small bug crawl out from under my pillow. I have never seen a bug that looked like it before. My instinct was to try to catch it so I could identify it, but once it crawled onto the piece of paper I put in front of it, it went crazy and I lost it. From my memory, it was very small (about the size of a sesame seed) and was tan/orange-y and sort of translucent. The closest thing I could liken it to from the google images was a bed bug nymph.

    I haven't been getting bites but I have heard of people not reacting to the bites before. I took off all my sheets to look for the fecal droppings and found some brown specks on the seem of my mattress. However there are very few specks and only on one small part of the mattress. I read that the dropping will not come off by scratching at them but will smear when wiper with a wet cloth. My brown specks did not smear.

    So far I've purchased a bed bug mattress cover and put it on. I am not convinced I have bed bugs, but I'm not convinced I don't either. I am hoping to hear from others who have had bugs in the past to help me figure out whether or not I have something to worry about!!

  2. endless_nightmare

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Jun 27 2014 21:26:50

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    the only way to figure this out is for you to get the bug identified

    if you post a picture on here, experts will be able to tell you

    read the FAQ and look for actual signs confirming bed bugs:
    Live samples
    Cast skins
    Fecal matter

    Skin reactions is not a proper way to see if you have bed bugs or not, the above list is how you do it.

    You can also get a passive monitor and see if you get signs on it

    not a PCO
    Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy/Volunteer

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