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HELP!!! Bedbugs in the Garage is treatment impossible????

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  1. shadowlynx666

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Aug 30 2012 4:27:55

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    My husband called a PCO who I believe is the only one in the area who does heat treatment. He ended up saying that it would cost a little over a thousand to treat our house. I have done my research, I know that heat treatment works and despite that fact that it means taking a loan out from my 401k to pay for it at this point we would do anything short of dropping a nuclear bomb to keep from getting infested like the old apartment was. After scrubbing and cleaning and tossing like we did neither of us can go through that again especially now that we are in our own home that we bought.

    However, I have my concerns and am not sure what to do...As I have stated already I am like 100% certain we haven't had them in the house at all no eggs, adults, fecal spots anything for almost 3 months up until we tossed the old couch that was in the garage and I made the TERRIBLE slip up of bringing a couple things inside and into our bedroom from the garage without checking first. The couch was covered in plastic and nuvan strips because we had hoped to save it, but it got some holes in the plastic from being moved around a bit, Since then we have killed about 7 or 8 of them all full sized still seeing no fecal spots or bites on us. I am not going to bet on the fact there are NO MORE inside though I hope that to be true,

    Due to this the garage is my MAIN concern, but he told us that they are not legally allowed by the EPA to heat treat the garage because it is not a actual dwelling space! He said that they would chemically treat out there, but made the statement himself that chemicals don't kill the eggs. I don't understand why if they can chemically treat they can't do the garage since all it is is heat ( I mean we ARE in Oklahoma where it has been hitting 110 through the summer). The LAST thing I want to do is pay for them to heat treat and then get re-infested from our garage(like what has happened now). I feel sick because I feel like we are in a no win situation if they can't treat the garage. Having just bought this house and moved in such a short time ago we don't have a whole lot of stuff and could bring things in from the garage, but that does not solve the problem of the garage itself. I also have concerns about the car just from being in the garage. I know people say they don't generally care about cars but after this I just don't want to risk ANYTHING If they would just heat the garage too I would be fine.....then everything would get hit including the car, but without that I.......worry there is not an answer...I have currently hung some Nuvan strips out there since we already had them I figured it couldnt hurt.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE anyone who can help. As I said at this point we are willing to do whatever it takes we arent messing around but I want it DONE.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Aug 30 2012 17:07:16

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    Chemical pesticides mostly won't kill the eggs (depends on the product) and dusts won't.

    However, this does not mean a chemical/dust treatment cannot be successful-- they are all the time. How it works is you need a followup (this is typically done 10-14 days after the first, and often retreatment occurs a third time or even more). so when those babies hatch, they get the chance to cross poisons and die.

    Bed bug monitors can help you ensure they're gone both in the garage and in other areas of the home.

    I would think a problem isolated to the garage would be quite treatable with sprays/dusts/(some start by steaming also). If it turns out you need to treat the home also, you can comparison shop for treatments that cover that and the garage.

    Keep in mind many PCOs like to try and paint other approaches as useless, as a sales tactic.

    It's pretty sad. If you do good work, you probably have enough work to do and can respectfully coexist with practitioners of other treatment modalities. Anyone who says across the board heat doesn't work, pesticides don't work, etc. isn't being honest or isn't educated.

    What's true is some PCOs can't kill bed bugs well with heat, others can't kill them well with pesticides/dusts.

    Some can kill them with heat, some with pesticides, and some without much more than a steamer with a fancy wand. It's about skills and knowledge.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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