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Hello! Got bugs and am a little obsessed

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  1. Ohmygoodnez

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Wed Aug 8 2018 22:13:28

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    Hello! I just discovered we have bedbugs. I think my daughter brought them home dmfrom an inpatient stay but my hubs also travels extensively for work. Thank goodnedd for Hilton honors points we can spend to buy bedbug stuff.

    Besides being utterly disgusted and angry, I am obsessing over everything bedbug treatment related. We have no money for professional treatment at the moment due to medical and physical therapy bills so we are in throw-everyghing-out and attempt self treatment mode.

    Complicating things is my three kids that don't want to part with their stuff. I, on the other hand, am partly freaking out and partly excited we can now get rid of all the clutter that's been bugging (har har har) me for many years.

    I will be saving my pennies for the possibility of needing a pro.

    Tonight's obsession: finding a bug resistant couch. I keep thinking that they really need to make molded plastic sofas like Little Tikes toys but for grownups. What do you think of a polywood sofa that's made for the outdoors? They have plastic frames that could be cleaned easily and loose cushions that could be removed for treatment easily. I honestly wouldn't mind patio furniture in my living room if it meant giving the finger to the bugs.

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