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Heat Treatment Failed

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  1. Teresa

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Jun 6 2017 23:47:18

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    So here's our sad story. We live in a stand alone house in South Carolina and have lived here for 23 yrs with no problems. My teenage daughter started complaining in January that her arms were itchy at school. She would go to the school nurse who would call me and say she was having an allergic reaction. Two trips to the doctor and she was given allergy meds and one expensive trip to the allergist who said she had hives from an unknown source. Her arms were covered in small hives. We thought she was allergic to something at school until we went for Spring Break to Utah where she continued to have break outs. Zyrtec seemed to help a little bit. When we got home I was changing her sheets and noticed some black flecks on the sheet that I used to cover her box Spring for decorative purposes. I rubbed at them trying to figure out what it was then pulled that sheet off to find a swarming herd of bed bugs underneath. I screamed and my husband came running. We took the mattress and box Spring straight to the curb. Luckily it was pouring down rain so no one was tempted to take them.

    I started looking at the blog here and reading about heat treatment. I called a respected local POC who recommended a company out of Charlotte, NC. They came with the dogs and said we had a light infestation in her room and our bedroom. They stated they would heat treat those rooms and a third bedroom for $1800. They claimed the dog did not hit on any rooms downstairs in our home. We decluttered and took all our remaining clothes to the laundry mat and dryed them for 40 minutes. They came out and heated the three rooms. I was concerned when we arrived home because it did not appear that much of anything had been moved. We had put small things in baskets as directed, but large items such as lamps on the bedside tables did not seem moved nor drawers pulled out of dressers. The next day I woke up with a huge fresh bite on my leg. My first actual bite! They had not been bothering my husband and I previously.

    I called the company that next day and explained my concerns and the fact that I had a bite and they said a bed bug bite could take awhile to appear. They brought the dog back out a few days later and "cleared" the house. Unfortunately I continued to get bites on my legs. I let it go a few weeks just in case they were reactions to old bites before calling again. They came back out and found four live bed bugs under our mattress but claimed it must be a "fresh" reinfestation and refused to honor the warranty they gave us. They claimed my daughter's room was clear. I wrote a nice letter to them which they ignored and spread Cimexa everywhere in our room. A few days later my daughter started getting bites. I wrote a bad review online of their service and they called IMMEDIATELY. They still wanted to argue it was a new infestation despite there never being a break in bites but agreed to come do the heat treatment again.

    I am skeptical at this point over the effectiveness of heat alone. Hopefully someone else does a more thorough job. Any thoughts/prayers welcome. (I really don't think we are re-infesting the home. I changed jobs in the middle of all this, we sold my car and bought a new one and we have not gone or stayed anywhere overnight since the treatment.)

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Jun 7 2017 6:08:28

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    Teresa, we can't see anything in this post

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