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Heat treatment 2 weeks ago, bites today

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  1. momes

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Tue Feb 19 2019 9:15:26

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    Two weeks ago we got a heat treatment for our house. Prior to that we weren't experiencing bug bites. I've had bed bugs in the past and didn't react to bites at all and same with this time. However this weekend my partner got a bite and I woke up this morning with two bites. I check the bed, we have cimeax down, interceptors on the bed and couch, passive monitors and a Co2 monitor (we are NOT playing around). But I don't find any signs of BBs.

    Could the bites just be showing up after a few weeks? I'm afraid that none of our monitoring systems are working and we are going to get reinfested. We never saw a bug in our bed or fecal matter, just on the stairs and then books next to bed, so I'm unsure how to know we are in the clear if we still don't see any. Just keep fighting the fight for forever?

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