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Heat, Canines, and Blood Spots

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  1. tryingtobecalm

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Fri Jul 31 2009 15:32:51

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    Hi everyone. I am looking to get some advice because I'm pretty confused right now. We discovered we had bed bugs about 3 months ago and after extensive research and some recommendations, we went with heat treatment (we live in Southern California). We went with a highly recommended company who includes a canine check after the treatment (canines are certified- in fact, they are through Isotech, which is a company that has a show on Discovery Channel). After our first heat treatment, the canines came through and found one small spot under a floorboard in a closet. Part of the deal is that if the canines find evidence of bed bugs, the heat company will re-do the treatment for free. So they came back and re-treated us (2nd treatment was about 5 weeks ago). The canines then came back and found no evidence of bed bugs. They were very thorough and were here for a long time, sniffing everything, so we felt confident with their call.

    As an aside, we also used DE (we were safe about it : )- used a mask, etc.) and powdered that lightly throughout our house including in wall cracks and in outlets. We also (after all treatment) thoroughly closed up cracks with spackle. Finally, we also ordered the mattress, box spring covers, and pillow covers recommended in this site. We live in a one bedroom/one bathroom place and have (now) very little in our bedroom except for our bed, metal frame, and side tables.

    Anyway, about a week after the canines came the second time, I thought I found a couple blood spots on our sheets. They didn't really look like previous ones at all in that they weren't smudged or anything, but I honestly can't think of anything else they could be. So I called Isotech and explained that their dogs had come out just a week before and cleared us, but I thought I found evidence they're still here. They kindly agreed to come back out and so they came maybe 1.5 weeks ago. Again, they did a REALLY thorough check and found nothing.

    However, this morning, I found what I am afraid is another blood spot on our sheets. Again, it's not smudged at all, just a spot, but I don't know what else it could be from. I really don't know what to think- I mean, the canines cleared us twice. We haven't received any bites (both of us reacted to them previously), though I know that it's a possibility that we may just not be reacting anymore....

    I'm really not sure what I'm even looking for by posting this, but I guess I'm curious if the spots could be anything else and if not, if the dogs could just be blatantly wrong. What do I do next?

    When we were deciding on treatments originally, I could not find a chemical treater who had (in my opinion) knowledge or experience dealing with bedbugs, which is one of the reasons we went with heat. So I guess I'm thinking of calling Isotech again (canine people, but also chemical providers) and seeing if they can treat OR if the have recommendations.... This is so frustrating.

    (p.s. Sorry if that was a little dis-jointed and confusing- I'm half listening to a conference call while I write this : )

  2. BuggyinLA

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Thu Nov 26 2009 0:11:10

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    Hey there,

    Did you end up using Isotech? How did it go?

    I ask because we're looking at using them for a vikane treatment (not thermal) and I wanted to hear some real opinions about them outside of the "sales pitch."

    Or, better yet, did you get rid of the bugs some other way? Who did you use?

    After failed thermal, we're at our wits (and financial) end.

  3. DougSummersMS

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Thu Nov 26 2009 11:41:37

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    Consider utilizing inexpensive passive monitors to see if you can detect any live activity.

    I have seen some impressive test results for the BB Alert, which was developed by David Cain and is available through his website.

    You use the passive monitors to confirm the results of the K9 clearance inspections and for long term surveillance to provide some peace of mind.

    It is normal to be hypervigilant about suspicious spots on sheets and marks on our skin for some time after an infestation.

    Checking the BB Alert weekly can help you reassure yourself that you are safe with an inexpensive device.

    There are also tests to confirm whether a stain is blood or not.

    Renee had an article posted on the blog at New York vs Bed Bugs. Org a few months ago. Check the archives section.

    Vikane gas is an extremely effective treatment... The only major downside is the same as thermal... There isn't any residual action to prevent a re-introduction. The upside is that one treatment usually does the trick. Vikane gas will kill all stages of bed bugs including eggs.

    I am very curious about the cost of a fumigation in California... Could you provide a ballpark figure?

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