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Haven't used couch frame for 2 months. Would bugs stay on it anyway?

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Jan 22 2013 17:57:12

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    We have a wood-framed couch in our living room that was infested with bedbugs when we discovered we had them in the fall. I threw out the couch's cushions and cushion covers and just kept the frame. Our landlord sent someone to spray the apartment three times, at one-week intervals. They also sprayed the couch each time.
    That was in November, and since then we haven't seen any bugs or had any bites...but we also haven't used the couch frame at all. The frame has just been sitting in our living room since then, pretty much untouched since it doesn't have cushions or anything. We wanted to wait and make sure we were bedbug-free before ordering any.

    But now I ordered new foam for the couch, and I'm getting paranoid that the frame might still have bugs in it. But does that make sense, if we haven't had any bites? Wouldn't the bugs have moved from the frame to find us and get food, since we weren't sitting on it at all? How far will bedbugs go for a meal if they aren't sealed off in any way?

    I'm getting freaked out that I wasted money on the new foam when the frame might actually still be infested. Did I throw money away on an assumption? Any advice would be helpful!

    Also, I should mention that we do live in an old apartment building with wood floors, so it's kind of a risky environment, bedbug-wise.

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