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Have to use Landlord's Exterminator in NYC?

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  1. QueensBugGirl

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Jul 18 2011 12:10:47

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    Hello, I am dealing with a new bed bug infestation in a new apartment (been there 5 months). I have had bed bugs previously when I lived in Astoria so I have already been through this and dealt with this problem. I know what steps I need to take. I called my new landlord and they said I cannot use my own exterminator - I have to use theirs. I explained that my concern is that they use an actual bed bug specialist, not a regular exterminator, and I was told that yes, their company specializes in bed bugs.

    So how do I know if this is true? What questions should I be asking when the exterminator comes to do the inspection to make sure they really are bed bug specialists? I have a dead bed bug in a ziploc bag to show them as positive ID (believe me, by now I already know what they look like..) so identification is not the problem, but I just want this dealt with appropriately as soon as possible. I live in a large apartment building so I assume the exterminator will also have to treat multiple surrounding units....


  2. Winston O. Buggy

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Jul 18 2011 12:30:10

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    Yeah it can sometimes be a problem and while I am not thrilled with a lot of the BED BUG, queen, king, super duper master of bed bug titles the landlord does get to hire who they want as they are paying.
    As long as they are a registered insured company. At least here in NYC.

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