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Have to move in 2 days and just found a bug - any tips?

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  1. crosby28

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jun 21 2018 0:16:47

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    I know you should not move while you have bed bugs. For this reason, I remained in my apartment longer than I could really afford to do that I could move knowing a had been free of bugs for months. Twice, pest control companies have declared my apt and furniture bug free.

    I am scheduled to move out this weekend and of course just found a mid-sized bug crawling on me in bed!

    It is obviously too late for me not to move - I will lose my apartment at the end of June.

    I had already planned to take minimal things with me. Kitchen things like dishes, utensils. Some clothing that has been inspected at the seams with a flashlight and bagged. No furnture, nothing with crevices.

    Now, I am of course freaking out even more about the move! I have to leave - any tips for making absolute sure the problem doesn't move with me?

    (Wasn't quite sure which thread to post under - hopefully treatment makes enough sense)

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