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have bedbugs I think? but havent seen any, moving soon, dont want to bring with

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  1. abernat

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Aug 9 2016 10:13:20

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    Sorry for the long post.... I'm subleasing an apartment in Philadelphia that I believe has recently become infested with bedbugs. The apartment is very old and has at least one mouse, some roaches, and LOTS of centipedes, so i'm sure it's easy for lots of critters to get in here. it's only in my bedroom at the moment- my roommates' rooms remain bug free. Our communal area is also clean of bugs: I am the only one getting bitten and it is only while I am asleep.

    I have not seen any signs of bedbugs in the form of actual bugs, shells, eggs etc, the bed is just a foam mattress (with a full, zipped cover on it) on a very simple metal frame, so there aren't many crevices for them to hide in. The floors are wooden. I have been finding blood spots on my sheets the past few days and I wake up with bites in lines of three. Sometimes they are clusters of 4-5 rather than lines. Today's bites: Neck and face They often bite my arms as well, and sometimes my stomach. Usually wake up with 5 ish new bites a day. How bad does this infestation seem?

    I have washed my sheets several times and dried everything on high heat, even my pillows, and nothing has changed. I have also vaccuumed several times.

    I move on Saturday (today is Tuesday) and will not be bringing any furniture. I will be tossing my sheets. My pillow is new, is it salvageable? I have a family-made blanket I wish to bring with me, will drying it for an hour on high heat plus putting it in a black garbage bag in the sun for a day be sufficient? I also plan to do the same with all my clothing.

    My clothing is currently all packed away in my suitcases. My clothes were in wireframe bins off the floor, but they were next to a couch (not sure if it was infested but i vaccuumed it and have seen no signs of bugs on it). I didn't see any signs of bugs on them while i was packing, but I plan to do the hot garbage bag + rewash and dry on high heat. Is there any thing else I can do?

    How do I ensure that my suitcases are clean for when i repack my clothes to move to school? I am moving home for 1 week then moving back to college. As long as I do not spread this bedbug infestation to my parents' home and then my school apartment, i'll be happy.

    How can I make sure there are no bugs in my backpack and purses?

    If i get my car interior professionally cleaned, is that enough?

    I only have a few books with me but I do have a bin of art supplies that was on the floor next to the couch. Do I need to worry about those? It's colored pencils, watercolors, copic markers, etc.

    Is there anything I can do upon move out to help the tenant with the infestation before they move back in?

    I started getting bites the last time I was at my parents' house in Virginia roughly two and half weeks ago: I woke up one morning with over 60 bites around my armpits, stomach, back and groin area. mostly near crevices. I'm almost positive this was actually chiggers and not bedbugs, as the bites were much bigger, were not in lines, were in different locations on my body, and they lasted a full week as opposed to my current bites which last 2-3 days. My neighbors at my parents' house also seem to have problems with chiggers. The back of our house faces woods.

    However, I did start getting these bedbug bites or whatever they were immediately after going back to my sublet apartment in Philly. Not sure if it is related, but I thought i'd mention it.

    What can I do? I REALLY do not want to deal with this infestation beyond this week.

    I have already purchased a bedbug mattress cover for the mattress for my new apartment just in case, but the mattress is currently in storage and (hopefully) clean.

    Please, any suggestions would be so helpful. Thank you!

  2. movingsoon

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Jul 16 2018 11:22:30

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    Hi - just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. I also have a sublet (NYC) with bed bugs, and I'm also leaving in two weeks. I cleaned and bagged everything, but the whole apartment building is infested (we've seen multiple mattresses in the dumpster). This doesn't bode well for my roommates, but I feel like I have a get out of jail free card since I'm leaving. I'm just terrified of bringing it back home with me to my mom's house (where I'll be for a month) and my grad school apartment. Ours is a very minor infestation!! I've gotten maybe two sets of bites a week apart, and no bites for three weeks. I saw a bug yesterday for the first time (after I put on my mattress cover), and about 5 days after the first course of treatment. The next course is in 2 days. I thought our situations were similar, so would love to hear an update, or find out any information you've managed to collect!

  3. previouslymental

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Oct 6 2018 18:44:34

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    Hello, I sorry that you both have had to endure this. I am also in a similar situation and would like to see how you both are doing. I am planning to move in 2 days. Only taking the bare minimum with me. Some electronics, sewing machine, clothes, towels, some dishes, etc. I plan to heat everything possible and everything else gets ziploc bagged with a nuvan strip. I am not sure about my car, but at this point I have to leave and get medical treatment for the anxiety which is across the country.
    I'd love to hear about any success or lessons learned that could help. Thanks.

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