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Has anyone used Nightwatch and what kind of success can I rely on?

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  1. Outtogetthem

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Wed Jun 23 2010 21:38:12

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    I will try to keep this short- it's very easy to make this long eh!
    I have seen two tick like bugs on my bed in the past year. For some reason, it never occurred to me these could be bedbugs. I have all white linens, headboard... hardwood floors. I figured I am bound to see bugs on my bed now and then.
    So, I decided to search after finding the second one. Holy moly... I didn't want to know about bed bugs. I ripped my neatly made bed up that day and discovered three small dark bugs under my sheets at the foot of the bed... I cannot tell what they are but they could be bedbugs. I saved them and taped to paper. I continued to find them during the day... One here and one there... not a massive amount. I am currently looking for an expert to put these things under a microscope to end the mystery. I will rip apart my bed this weekend- down to the frame.
    So, before contracting a PMO- I read. A LOT. The two PMO's I spoke with seemed elusive in how this would all unfold. One uses steam and chemicals. OK. The other is possibly the first thermal in Texas- just not in my area. Hmmm.
    So,I bought Nightwatch. I've had it on for four nights. Nothing. I've read up to two weeks... Has anyone used this? How long does it take on average? More importantly-does it work? I know the University of Kentucky did some study.
    I am in a single family home. As I mentioned- I've seen two tick sized bugs in the past year or so.
    Any ideas?

  2. spideyjg

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Wed Jun 23 2010 21:50:43

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    Post pics of what you found.

    Put a magnifying glass up to the lens to get a bigger photo.

    ID, then decide what to do.


  3. Sylvie

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Wed Jun 23 2010 21:53:37

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    When I got bed bugs my LL put a Nightwatch in my apartment. I think they stupidly thought it was going to catch the BBs thus solving the problem (I had showed them actual BBs I caught already). Anyway, it never caught a thing!! I found one more adult BB on my bed after they set it up, but nothing in the monitor. All it did was make my unit smell disturbing. It was plugged in for several days before the C02 ran out. As other Bedbuggers advised me, the BBs will prefer the real thing over a fake every time. I guess it's designed to lure them if no people are present.

    Since you were able to catch some yourself and save them on paper, why not take them to an entomologist to be identified?

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