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Happily hopeful it's over!

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  1. testytraveler

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Jan 27 2015 3:38:50

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    5 weeks ago I had a little bb infestation while traveling, got 3 or 4 dozen bites total showing up over about a week. After the first couple days I had moved to a hotel for a night before starting a month house sit. We had our luggage in the rental car & put it in garbage bags (but they weren't bagged for the whole day on train/plane and first couple hours in the car), brought them up to the hotel and kept them in the bathroom that night. We opened one trash bag in the bathtub to look in a backpack and found a live bedbug. It was very scary to actually KNOW that we had brought one or more with us.

    The next day we threw out many of our belongings, including all our luggage and some other stuff.

    We bought new clothes and changed, washing & drying all our other clothes hot. Then the next day when we arrived at the house sit, we didn't bring anything inside with us, only us and the new clothes we were wearing (and my phone, which I freaked out about and took apart to inspect later).

    Gradually little by little we started bringing our clothes in, washing them again at 90 degrees Celsius (and yes we ruined a couple things but we didn't care, we felt better washing them super hot), and ziplocking them after dry. We also brought in items that we could put in the oven (no Packtite), and we bought an oven thermometer & baked them for 1-2 hours at maybe 80 Celsius with air circulating. Things that could be boiled or rinsed in near-boiling water, we did that. We also bought a can of compressed air and carefully took apart our electronics, inspected & air dusted them. We kept pretty much everything in ziplock bags for a few weeks expect for when we were using them. In general whenever we came in from the car we'd either change our clothes & leave them tied up in a bag on the porch, or shake them out & inspect them before coming in (we were paranoid there might be one or more in the car).

    I spent many nights anxiously waking in the night to painful bites, which I later realized were fleas infesting the bed from the cat we were sitting. I also got mosquito bites. Also several times a night I would scan the bed for any signs of bugs or fecal traces. During the day too. Freaked out about a couple spots on the bed that turned out to be something else. Almost lost it when I found a live bug one night but it didn't look anything like a bb.

    I could keep describing my stresses but I'm sure you know if you have been through this or are going through it now: I WAS A WRECK. It was like an OCD panic attack on steroids, over and over, for a month straight. Thank GOD for this board and all the support & advice. I spent many many hours scouring this board. I was so horrified at the idea of starting an infestation in someone else's home. And that first week there were new bites but apparently they were delayed reactions – so totally nerve-wracking I couldn't believe it.

    Anyway I got a lot of great advice here and especially from David Cain, who was very patient in making sure I understood the answers to my many Qs. I bought some passive monitors from him and had a clear passive monitor in the bed after 12 days (our stay was up at that point), and clear ones in the car after only a few days (we had to return the car early).

    When we left the house sit (with our belongings in ziplocks and inside our new simple dry-able baggage , we were cautiously hopeful. In our next hotel we followed the instructions in David Cain's video for checking for bbs in hotels. All was OK, and now we are in our next house sit for a week. The owners of our previous house sit are happily back with no signs of any problem. fingers are crossed that all is well!!! I guess I won't be 100% sure till it's been a few months and we didn't get an email from the couple asking us why they are having these problems...But, great signs of hope are here.

    Thank you so much to everyone who supported me here, and good luck to everyone still in the midst of this nightmare. You will get through it!!

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Jan 27 2015 13:14:32

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    Thanks for sharing your story!

    Did you leave a passive with the homeowners?

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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