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Had 3 treatments, still getting bites, what do now?

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  1. wecanbeatbedbug

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Nov 14 2017 4:06:28

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    Hi all:

    First post here. I've been reading stories and tips ever since I suspected I have bbs a few months back, and first I just wanted to thank everyone here for sharing and supporting and going through this together. Humanity rocks!

    Now. I live in an apartment in the bay area. I first started getting bites around mid August of this year. Finally around end of September I found a live bug on my curtain near my bed, and was able to get my apartment's contracted exterminator, California American Exterminator, to do 3 treatments. It's been almost a month since the last treatment and the residual has probably worn off now, but I'm still getting about 1 bite or two a week (~4 bites total; but none during the month of treatment). What should I do?

    More details:
    * The communication throughout the entire treatment process really hasn't been great. I'd try to get in touch with the exterminators to ask questions, but the company just doesn't have a great way for you to communicate directly to the exterminators. My apartment unfortunately is obligated to use this contractor and follow a certain procedure to eliminate bbs. But even after these 3 treatments, a K9 post treatment check, and another visual check, which all cleared the apartment as bb free, I'm still now getting bites. Given this situation, I'm really doubtful that another round of treatment with this same exterminator would solve the problem.
    * The infestation is probably very small this whole time. I still have no idea where I originally got the bbs from, as all the places I frequent are clear of bbs. Even my roommate (we have 2B2B, sharing kitchen and living room) only ever got 1 bite these few months, while I'd get bites every week very regularly. I only ever saw 2 live bugs this whole time: 1 nymph on my curtain near my bed, and 1 inside my wooden bed frame while I was disassembling my bed for treatment. The exterminator never saw any live activities.
    * 1st treatment on 10/11: Temperid SC/Phantom1. 2nd treatment on 10/18: transport/Crossfire. 3rd treatment on 10/25: PT Phantom II/D-Force. Given this treatment history, if I want to start self treat now (which I feel is the best option), what should I use? Is self treatment recommended?

  2. hearty

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Nov 14 2017 15:10:00

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    Hello wecanbeatbb, first off: very sorry you had to join the club...I am no expert, and I am still fighting them as well, but my questions for you are: do you have adjoining apartments? and were they treated as well? where did they come from? Often from what I'm reading they come from adjoining apartments, tenants who are not following bed bug protocol. I hear your frustration with the exterminator. I believe it is crucial to have a 'good' one. If you can isolate the problem being only in your apartment (but what are the chances?) I would actually recommend getting your own exterminator. It might save you money and peace of mind and your life in general in the long run. However, DE, inceptors, alcohol (spraying, wiping), making a solution of dish detergent, alcohol and water for direct spray/kill and clean, people swear by Cimexa dust instead of DE, cleaning everything and using hot dryer, hot wash, dry-clean clothing, vacuuming....clearing clutter- all things to do at home. I did not get rid of mine completely doing all of this. I recommend getting a good pro.

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