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Got this checklist from PCO

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  1. Arnaldo

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Sep 22 2011 20:05:55

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    Hello. My landlord is having a PCO come and treat our apartment. Last week my roommate started getting bites at night that he thinks could be bed bugs. They match up with what he read about bites online (I know that people respond differently to bites and there isn't really a scientific way to ID bites...). So we called our landlord to voice our concerns about possible bed bugs. They put us in touch with their PCO, who is now coming to treat our apartment. Apparently he is treating it for BBs without inspecting it first, which I thought was weird. He also gave us a checklist of things to do in preparation, which I've pasted below for you all to review. From this checklist, does it sound like the PCO knows what he's doing? One part that seems odd to me is that the first two things sound like they're the same. I was not able to find any real reviews for this company when I looked them up online. No page on yelp or anything, and no one here really talking about their experiences with them. I just want to know if our landlord is going about this the right way. Thanks.

    here is the checklist:

    All clients must comply with these procedures in order for the exterminator to fully
    ensure the eradication of the bed-bug population. The extermination will not be able
    to be successful without these preparations being completed.


    1. All objects able to be laundered such as; clothing, stuffed animals, bed linens, and pillows should be
    placed in plastic bags then removed from the infested area(s). It should then be washed on the hottest
    wash possible. All cleaned items must then be brought back in NEW BAGS to avoid recontamination.
    Keep all items in bags until after the second treatment (about 14 days after initial ).

    2. All wardrobes, drawers, etc. should be emptied and the contents washed and/or dried on the hottest temperature possible (All cleaned items must then be brought back in NEW BAGS to avoid

    3. All toys, loose articles, etc. should be removed from the floor so that as much of the area can be
    treated as possible. All picture frames or anything else hung on walls should be removed for inspection and/or treatment.

    4. All floors and upholstered furniture should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove animal hair, debris,
    eggs and pupae. Particular attention should be given to known harborage areas such as bedrooms and
    other sleeping areas. (The vacuum bag must then be disposed of in a plastic bag in an outside waste bin).

    5. All carpeting, tiles, concrete, wooden floors, moldings, electrical sockets, etc., should be swept and
    washed or vacuumed.

    6. On the day of the appointment, beds and box springs must be flipped over and taken off the frame.
    Also, all furniture must be moved at least 1 foot off the wall.

    7. All pets, small children, elderly people, or people with medical conditions must be out of the
    apartment prior to the treatment. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

    8. All valuables and fragile items must be removed from the rooms treated.



    Do not clean with Ammonia (Windex with Ammonia-D) or Bleach spray products AFTER the treatmentis rendered to avoid NEUTRALIZING the residual pesticides. Vinegar base or any environmentally safe product is recommended.

    Do not mop for at least 30 days AFTER the treatment. This will give the insecticide time to eliminate allstages of the bed bug infestation.

  2. OhNoes

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Sep 22 2011 20:41:52

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    Looks pretty standard as far as prep goes. Be sure to find out exactly what they are using to treat the apartment.

  3. BuggerBeater

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Sep 22 2011 22:48:32

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    Thanks for the list. It was useful to me. I already knew most of this but not from my PCO. They're working for the LL so they haven't given me much info and the LL themselves are clueless and not interested in learning about BB.

    I'm on my second treatment and using common sense, I decided to keep my items bagged even though somebody at the PCO office told me I could put everything away a day after the first treatment. I'm still keeping all my treated (drying machine) clothes in an isolated area on a glass table until about a week after I have seen the last bug. So far, so good.

  4. Koebner

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Sep 23 2011 8:34:30

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    One extra point with the laundry - items that shouldn't be hot-washed can be placed dry (& clean) into a hot drier. It's the combination of heat & moisture that tends to shrink or otherwise damage textiles, just getting them hot rarely does any harm. See the FAQs for advice on how long to run the drier.

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