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  1. amandagray123

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Sep 7 2011 20:40:03

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    So, a friend of mine text me a couple days ago complaining that she discovered bed bugs in her and her boyfriends apartment. I go over there often so I immediately started panicking. Especially because I have a little girl (13 months). Im already terrified of bugs in general because where we were living before, became infested with Earwigs (ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING creatures btw..) So myself, my boyfriend and our daughter had to break our lease (a big mess) and move in with my parents (it ANYWAYS, sure enough last night, i was laying in bed watching t.v and kept feeling something on my legs... I tried to ignore it because I didnt wanna believe it was bb's but sure enough when I checked the mattress this morning, I found their sheding (maybe 3 or 4) I have yet to see a live one (not sure I want too). We called Orkin and they came out...I saved a shell for him to see and he advised us not too move anything because they could spread...Well, our daughters room is directly next to ours and Im terrified they will get into her room. I havent found any in there YET but Orkin cant some spray until the 23rd which is 2 weeks from now.........(their charging us $500.00 btw) We were also told not to isolate the room because they will go looking for the next best thing (which would be my daughter) but I was NEVER be able to fall asleep knowing their crawling all over me....So heres my questions, if as long as my boyfriend sleeps in there, we should be fine rite? Also, I ran the vacuum in there and sprayed alcohol all over the mattress ( i read your not supposed too but it cant hurt rite? ) I also read that if you dont have talcum powder to put around the bed baby powder would be fine so I layed a thin layer of that around both our bed and my daughters. I DO NOT wanna make them spread because our house is relatively big and it would cost literally thousands of dollars to get rid of them...

    Ill be sleeping on the couch and if I ABSOLUTELY have too sleep in the bed i will so that my daughter doesnt get bit : (

    ANY ADVICE is greatly appreciated !

  2. cilecto

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Sep 7 2011 20:45:27

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    Welcome. Dealing with bed bugs can be a traumatic and bewildering experience. Our FAQ is a good foundation of what BB are (and are not) and can hopefully empower you to better handle the situation. It does not sound like you are experiencing discomfort at this point. So, I'd focus on inspection/detection and also precautions to take to prevent picking up BB when you visit homes with problems (or preventing spread if your home has a problem).

    Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night...
    - Psalms 91:5-7

    (Not an pro)
  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Sep 8 2011 13:59:35

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    Hi Amanda,
    Please see your email!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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