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Going crazy right now

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  1. Amamcb

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Fri Aug 11 2017 5:07:05

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    Just woke up with this new bite when I thought I wasn't getting any new bites:

    This is a picture of my last bites:

    I can't find signs of them anywhere.

    I've been going crazy around my apartment hunting for them. I have posted here a few pictures of what I thought were fecal spots and it turned out they weren't. I don't know what to do right now, if I should call someone in to look at my place?

    I'm going to be starting college in a few weeks and I'm already stressing out about that so I really can't handle this extra stress right now, I think I'm having a mental breakdown right now, seriously I need some help.

    I really didn't want to think it was bed bugs but this new bite has me seriously concerned.
    I wanted to think it was just summer and bugs outside but I seem to be waking up scaling my body a lot and going crazy/paranoid right now.

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