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Going crazy--how do I handle this?

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  1. Ldspreciousmom

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Jun 5 2017 7:54:14

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    I am new to the bed bug thing. I saw my first one at work in mid December. I captured and showed it to the maintenance supervisor who said they would be "spraying" at Christmas break. I didn't see any more after that but a couple months ago there were several roaches in our classroom at work and I informed the staff. The response was, "Well, at least they eat the bedbugs." (Like it was no big deal.) I was like, seriously??? So I stopped taking anything into work, like my purse, my bag with supplies, etc. Then about a month ago after coming home from work, I was sitting in my recliner and saw a bed bug on my shirt. I knew immediately what it was (freaked out) and flushed it down the toilet. I assumed it hitch hiked back from work with me. Then about a week later my daughter saw one walking on a TV tray by her. That's when I thought, "Uh oh, this might not be a case of hitch hiking any more" (& freaked out). I got online and did some research and decided to order DE (with a sprayer) as well as "Say Bye Bugs" bed bug (liquid) spray. Both had great reviews from users and I figured since we'd only seen 2, that there probably weren't many. Well, after receiving the products a few days later and using them, several more appeared going up the walls shortly after spraying (likely trying to get away). So I sprayed those and flushed them. I vacuum every 4-5 days after putting the DE down and letting that sit. I saw one crawling on me that got stuck in my long hair. I grabbed it out and smashed it on the floor. After that incident I tried to limit my time in the living room (which was the only place we had seen them.)

    Sleeping in my bed was not a problem and I had never gotten bit there that I know of. Then maybe 4-5 days after avoiding the living room, I read about not avoiding the area they were in or they would spread, so I stopped sleeping in my bed and went to sleep in the recliner in the living room. But I suppose avoiding the living room for a while sent at leaat one of them out wandering. A couple days ago there was one on my bed just waiting for me! So I captured and flushed that one. I got a bag and bagged up all of the linens and pillows right there. Took them straight to the dryer. After drying I washed them and re dried them 2 more times. I checked the entire mattress and saw nothing. I had a tight mattress cover on it but have since replaced that with an enclosed one after spraying the entire mattress). I then started bagging up clean clothes that were sitting out to put in the dryer and then packing other things in bags to maybe leave in the car on hot days, since I don't know what else to do with them. This was Saturday night and I just stayed up all night unable to relax or sleep, which then caused a migraine. I did sleep during the day yesterday in the recliner and did get bit, but didn't know until I woke up. Then I couldn't sleep last night because of the anxiety and stress. I sat in the recliner just using my phone and looked down to see an engorged one on my shirt that just fed on me. I flushed that one but was so grossed out and anxious I did not go to sleep last night. So...I don't really know where to go from here. Do I call a PCO? Who is reputable? I have ordered some traps to set down (with attractant) so I can see where they are actually coming from. Each time I've been bit I was in the recliner, but when I flipped it over I could not find anything. I also ordered Cimexa, but it won't arrive until the end of the week probably. I've checked BBB and some companies only have one or two reviews (and they're not positive) though they still give the company an A rating. I called off work today (we have a summer school program) as my anxiety is through the roof and I cannot close my eyes without picturing or dreaming about BBs. (I have to go in tomorrow for a mandatory training tho.) My boss knows they have them at work, but I still don't want to tell her I now also have them. I have not told anyone about the BBs and don't want to be labeled "that person," but also don't want to spread them to anyone else. There was a family party last night I didn't go to because of the BBs. My sister has lots of experience with them from properties she rents. She has spent $30,000 trying get to clean them up when others bring them in. She would not let me step foot in her house at all if she knew I had them. There's such a stigma about it being in dirty houses but that's just not the case as I thought. So do you put the clean sheets and things back on? Wait and contact a PCO? Invest in all large bags and live out of those for months or longer? All I do is cry or think everything that moves or touches is a bed bug. I feel like I'm going crazy and constantly think there's a bug on me or nearby even when tty here isn't. Any advice about treatment and how to not go crazy would be appreciated. I work at a school in Hamilton, Ohio. I'm nodding off as I type this..
    I can't keep going not getting any sleep.

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Jun 5 2017 22:03:44

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    Have you searched this site to see if anyone has recommended a PCO in your area? If not, do you know who your sister uses? It would be best to use a knowledgeable PCO. But if you're going to DIY it-- Cimexa will help a lot more than DE. If you wanted to really educate yourself there are websites where you can get pesticides, Crossfire is a good one, or Cirkil is a good natural one, but it is just strong smelling. You'd probably use the Cimexa dust after the spray is dry. Maybe you can read some of the success stories using Cimexa?

    I felt a lot like you're describing. Many of us have had trouble sleeping during this, and hope others don't find out about it. Sorry, you're going through that. As you start to pitch in and make progress you'll probably start to feel better. Best wishes. Ask more questions if you need to.

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