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Getting ready for treatment - mattress covers and more

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  1. ohhellno

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sat Feb 19 2011 23:01:07

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    Hi - I have an exterminator coming in a few days and we're trying to get everything ready right now.

    My big question is - can I put the mattress/box spring covers on now and just trap the live bugs in there now, or should I wait to put the covers on until after the mattress and box spring have been sprayed? We have a pretty light infestation; when he came to inspect the other day he found two live ones on the box spring and no other signs anywhere else in the apartment.

    Second question - he said that we really only have to wash and prepare the areas around the bed and couches, that the clothes hanging in closets further away don't need to be bagged/washed. Does that sound right? How far away do they tend to stray from sleeping areas?


  2. cilecto

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Sun Feb 20 2011 0:10:37

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    OHN: (I'm not an expert, but) I'd check with the PCO re the mattress covers, but I'd try and make sure that if he's planning to treat the mattress & box, that they be accessible, if that means removing the cover on treatment day. Bear in mind that BB don't just live on mattresses, but also in frames, headboards and surrounding areas. Also, the interior of a box spring seems to be a frequent hot spot.

    With regard to the relative lack of bagging, it's been discussed that not all exterminators do this. Here's a link to a thread, including an eye-opening video by BedBugCentral's Jeff White.

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