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Getting hopeful

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    I have posted here elsewhere about my current struggle, but the super short version is that this is my third infestation in the four years I’ve been in this building. I’m working on moving, but I’m delayed by finances (and having to drop hundreds of dollars at the laundromat/on plastic bags and storage once a year doesn’t help).

    On the positive side, my previous experiences made it so that my house isn’t a very welcoming environment for a bed bug. I’m constantly monitoring because I don’t react strongly to bites:
    -I have encasements on the mattresses and a metal framed bed with no headboard or footboard. The living room couch is a futon that is also encased and all beds and futon, even the dog’s bed (I used a crib mattress).
    -One thing that I would change is sealing up the ends of the metal tubes on the frame. I did it one one bed but not the other, and I wish I had done both because it caused me a lot of anxiety. I used sugru putty, but I bet silicon caulk would work just fine.
    -I have climbup interceptors (the name brand ones).
    -There’s DE in every corner and in the crevices of the bed frames and futon.
    -I still don’t like my bed’s blanket to hit the floor for any reason
    -I make sure my clothes are very hot and dry every time and wash my sheets and blankets
    -I was worried about my car so I bought a passive monitor and stuck it to my seat. Now I only have to worry about it when I check it once a week.
    -I reduced my belongings by about 50%, mostly stuff I didn’t really need. That feels good too.

    I caught the bugs super early thanks to my climbup interceptors, and the pest guy couldn’t find any signs at all. I feel confident that we are on the right track. We are still in the living out of plastic bags phase, but no new bites in a week!

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