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Getting bites where I'm wearing clothing

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  1. Lupo

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Fri Jun 28 2019 9:48:17

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    It seems like I'm getting bites when I'm wearing clothes. For example I was sitting behind my desktop just an hour ago and suddenly I feel the usual itchy sensation when I get bitten on a new spot. It was on my foot which was covered by a big ass sock. Since like 2 weeks ago I get mystery bites every day, usually on spots that are naked during the day (arms primarily, chest, back). Now randomly on my foot, had 1 or 2 on my butt aswell, which is always covered except in the shower.

    What's biting me? Or can this be something non insect related?

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Fri Jun 28 2019 11:24:37

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    Consider for a moment what you're asking.

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