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Fumigation bombs?

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Nov 28 2009 14:47:49

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    We've had BBs at my work for a year or just under. A few weeks ago they decided that since nothing had worked so far, they were going to bomb the house because a room that was bombed has never had them return. Now people seem to think that they're gone, but I think that it's just going to drive them into cracks and different places and they're going to return at some point in time probably worse. I think because that one room hasn't had them return that they're fairly certain it's going to be the case for the whole house. I don't trust it and think it's going to implode. In fact, I think I got bit on my lower leg last night as I don't have any evidence of them in my house and I check regularly and I don't think they're in my car, but who knows at this point. I can't tell for sure regarding anything about BBs.

    Any thoughts?

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