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From one bloodsucker to the next

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  1. Winston O. Buggy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun May 8 2016 15:34:36

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    People tend to map their careers with milestones and bug folk are no different. For better or worse I find my mile markers highlighted by ectoparasites aka bloodsuckers. Ticks were the first in my experiance with vectors as Lyme was identified as tick borne. That was followed by the Summer of Culex as WNV was identified as the plague of the day. Then of course our sleepless nights began and bed bugs crawled out of our past and into the new millennium and with a bit of media hype became larger then life. Fortunately over time we have developed effective ways to deal with them including education, awareness and treatment options. And while they have certainly not become a rarity the scene and infestation scenarios have improved. Now, once again helped by hype comes the latest bloodsucker the Ades mosquito and the spectre of Zika. Realize first that as of this date there has yet to have been a single case of transmission by mosquito in the mainland US. But still and not necessarily without some cause preparation begins in advance, as anyone who has been involved with crisis or emergency management knows mobilization after the fact is not the best course. And so at this time other projects prevent me from more involvement with this most worthwhile of blogs as my vector of enforced choice now has wings.

    So three items of advice, eliminate all standing water every chance you get, anything larger then a thimble keep your eyes open and eliminate small deposits of water because that is where the Ades mosquitoes breed. Second, know that you are still in good hands with the likes of Nobugs, Lou, Killer Queen whose names I see up recently and of course some of the old old timers And three wear sunscreen and of course insect repellent. As always follow the label. See you soon or in the fall.

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