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From a closet at work to a nightmare at home

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Mon Aug 6 2018 5:50:22

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    I felt dread a few months ago when I learned they found bed bugs at my work closet. I always put my jacket in there. If I couldn't find a hanger I would put my coat on the ground. My worplaced sprayed and got rid of a couch (which also had a infestation). I immediately threw away my nice jacket...just put it in a hot dryer everyone told me. I didn't want to take any chances yet I had a bad feeling it was already too was.

    A few days later I saw a small bug on my was reddish and I hoped it was a ladybug. For a few months I would only sporadically see a bug...I should have acted right tben but I stayed in denial.

    Then about two months ago I saw bedbugs crawling on my bed much more frequently. A few every night and then one or two when I woke up. I had little or no bite marks but blood came out when I killed them. My skin must not be sensitive to the bites which is bad in a makes it more difficult to get a handle on the problem. Anyway this was causing me great psychological distress (thought of bed bugs 24/7 and was afraid to fall asleep).

    I have long needed a new mattress, my mattress was caving in. So two weeks ago I bought a new one and a zippered mattress protector. I kept reading a new mattress doesn't solve a bed bug problem...yet for 2 weeks I saw no bed bugs. Wow! I was so life could get back to normal again...nope!

    Last night, exactly two weeks since I bought my new mattress, I saw a bed bug on my bed. This caused my great distress. I thought about it all day. I had a bad feeling I would see one tonight...sure enough I did.

    Could my brand new mattress be infested already? Even with the zippered protector that is supposed to be a bedbug barrier? Or are they probably coming from elsewhere in my bedroom? Anyway now I expect to see them every night again. They probably start biting me after I fall asleep but it's hard to tell with no bite marks.

    Now I will probably call an exterminator even if I'm very low income and can't afford it. I just hope that works. I would gladly sacrifice basic necessities such as food to end my bed bug problem.

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