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French tv journalist seeks NYC w/ experience of bed bugs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Apr 15 2015 11:43:31

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    Note: I have not talked to Clement and don't know anything about him.

    I am just reporting this as it was placed in several threads (now deleted).

    I will allow the phone and email in this case.

    Clement - 39 minutes ago  » 
    Hi ! My name is Clement, I'm a French TV journalist, I making a documentary about bedbugs. I'm looking for some one who can share his history in the NYC area. If you have a story, experiences or contacts about bedbugs, please contact me at (917) 435-3253 or by mail at :
    Thanks, Clement

    You may comment here but be aware Clement may or may not see such a response.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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